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Welcome to the Agri Control Marketing Website

As a livestock marketing agency Agri Control specializes in the marketing of weaned pigs, feeder pigs and for harvest finished hogs.  For weaned pigs and feeder pigs the agency has developed and is conducting live and video internet auctions.  The program was developed with the premier of livestock internet auctions, DVAuction of Norfolk Nebraska, as an easy and more reliable method of buying and selling ready to feed pigs. Please read the easy to follow instructions to sign up and register as a buyer of premium pigs.

Don Fedie

Agri Control was founded by Don Fedie in 1973 to help the agricultural livestock community develop business plans and operating analysis. It was founded with the belief that a successful operation stood on four key operating pillars – historical performance, accurate forecasting, a good accounting system, and an intelligent marketing plan.

Because of communication problems with Ag producers and the commodity futures industry, and in particular the hog crash of 1994, the company expanded its participation in the exercise of marketing. The company worked with commodity brokers to develop systems that leveraged commodity futures and forward contracts to assist in managing pricing risk and improve profits. The systems aided in determining the cost of production, when to sell the livestock and for how much to generate a profit.

Bringing Buyer and Seller Together

Scott VanDenBerg

In 1977 Scott entered the business of buying hogs for a major packer with plants in Iowa and Nebraska. He managed a packer hog buying station in South Dakota from 1979 to 1998, until the closing of the station because of the 1998 low and small independent producers exiting the business.

With this Scott formed a private enterprise agency to work and consult with feed dealership companies to aid in the production and marketing of weaned, feeder pigs and finished hogs to select packers. With his many years of experience Scott became known for his knowledge of pig selection, barn supervision and as well the marketing of all pigs and hogs.

In 2017 Scott joined the Agri Control firm as a shareholder and lead marketing agent and is today responsible for the scheduling of all finished hogs for harvest to the company contracted packers. In addition he is primarily responsible for aiding in the development of the company live video internet marketing of weaned and feeder pigs. Scott is devoted to the concept of the true price discovery of weaned and feeder pigs.


According to a Kansas State University study the cash selling price of livestock, accounts for 54% of risk variability and potential losses, and the purchase price of feeders equals 25% of risk variability.

For the sale and purchase of weaned and feeder pigs Agri Control in partnership with DVAuction has developed and is conducting live and video internet auctions. Marketing services include true price discovery, aid in filming and showing pigs for sale, transportation, billing and administration.

For the sale of market butchers Agri Control has developed a marketing relationship with the packing industry to offer premium contract pricing to select premier swine producers.